I'm still here!

What's up! People started to message me and ask why no hear! Glad to know that I'm not forgotten, ha!
So...here's some insight of what I've been busy with lately:

1) Vocal recordings for my latest track "Perfect Enemies" are done!! Guest singer is one of the most talented persons I've ever worked with and once you know who it is and hear his voice, I bet you gonna be blown away! We are preparing some video stuff at the moment, so watch out YouTube, we are coming for you!

2) I did annual ESP and Line6 demonstrations at Music Expo 2013 Jam stage. Fun fun fun! But that kept me away from doing any videos or music.

3) I've been working on a few new originals at the same time, so it's all in progress and results are not visible yet, but man...I'm preparing another surprise with that and bringing even more guest musicians to the table. So far it all goes super awesome and I can't wait to finish it!

4) This one is secret one. But if you are watching my website then you deserve to know! I did metal remix for one cool song and invited some amazing drummer to take part in it, so once he is done, we gonna release it!

Oh yeah, I didn't forget about covers!;) Thanks for hanging around, requesting covers at my website and just contacting me! If you read this, you are super cool guy/girl and I love you!