New single is coming your way April 17th!

Let me introduce Torcha from A Broken Silence who took over the duties behind the mic for a new ROBAR single called “Demons” to be released on April 17th.

I first stumbled upon ABS in 2012 and immediately became a fan. There is something magical about their songs and the message that they convey that makes me binge listen to them again and again. I have always had problems finding words to describe my thoughts and it seems like Torcha has become that voice for me and many others around the world.

So ever since I heard A Broken Silence I wanted to collaborate with Torcha and I feel extremely lucky to finally make it happen with this new track! Needless to say he nailed it once again.
I strongly recommend you to check out and support his ridiculously underrated but unique band as well as anything he has ever put out with other projects.

A Broken Silence are set to release their new album later this year!